Finishing A Journal: 6 Steps to Sealing Time

All journals come to an end no matter how many pages someone has. Thick or thin they end and what in the world do you do to wrap up your memories and capture the time you poured across each page? Every period and doodle covering a precious point in your life or artwork.

Here are my own suggestions I do to wrap up my journal to begin another!

Reflect: Skim over your pages and reflect on the lessons and moments. You don’t have to reread all the details of an afternoon doing paperwork but be familiar with the changes and the events that filled the journal. After all a big bonus in journaling is saving pieces of your life down on paper.

Count It Up: I always like to go through and skim over the pages and collect whatever I’ve been monitoring. Weight, exercise time, boyfriends, jobs, cigarettes (used to be chain smoker gross) and books I read through it. I end on one of the last pages and do a listing of how much or how many. It’s very relaxing to me and makes looking through my assortment of old journals fun and more reflexive.


Coloring Spots: As you turn through your journal find blocks of your writing and color over them lightly. The right color can reflect the mood of it making it easier to track your moods through old journals!

Brand The Spine: I love to see my journals lined up spines out with a sticker labeling the dates and a random headline or string of words that fits that period of my life. Your journals will look organized and have a bit more of your tastes as it awaits being reread.


Washi Tape: Use washi tape of a few designs to mark the pages by mood or occasion. Doing this makes it easier to look back on events or repeat occasions. Trying to address something? This is a great way to track moods or feelings without rereading your entire journal!

Put It Up and Begin Again: I love the look of my journals along a wall waiting to be reread once they’re done. I have to admit though I am obsessed with getting a new journal and imagining the new parts of my world that will pour out of it.


I hope I inspired you and let you put down this point and prepare for another life in journaling.

Journal on,

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