Journaling Through France

The heart break of Paris’s injury created my desire to journal the world. I’ve often dreamed of an evening in Paris or wandering through a French village…

France (I’m an American living in a small village near the Swiss-Italian borders in France)
I think that one of the things makes French culture unique is the emphasis on handmade and local/regional products. People respect and seek out artist-created / artisanal items. People are proud of the products from their region, whether it is wine, nuts, cheese, special types of bread or olive oil. They are proud of their local artists and artisans.

What makes it special and important to our world?

French cuisine and winemaking lead the world of gastronomy! The classic French sauces for cooking, the exquisite pastries, and ancient vineyards on sunny slopes inspire gourmets worldwide.

What kind of weather is most likely there?

Where I live, it is generally mild. We get snow in the winter, but not a lot. We had a really hot summer, hotter than normal, and it was tough. It was so hot that it was difficult to do things! But, its not humid here, which is great. The Spring and Fall are gorgeous. In the Fall, we get beautiful, colorful folliage.

What sort of clothes are common there?

In the area I live in, people dress pretty casual. I typically wear jeans, a t-shirt and a cardigan. If we go out for dinner, I’ll wear a skirt. Women wear a lot of black and often a colorful scarf. In general, women don’t tend to wear a lot of makeup or jewelry.

What sort of worldview does your country have?

I can’t really speak to what kind of worldview France has since it is not my country of orgin, but I do know that we have been very warmly welcomed in our newly adopted country. People have been incredibly friendly, generous and kind to us! People are polite and go out of their way to help us. We love it here!


What hobbies are popular there?

People in my region enjoy doing things outdoors, like walking/hiking and bike riding.

What do you eat there?

Bread, cheese, and wine! People tend to try to eat local or regional produce when possible. Many regions have specialty foods and they are often well-known and sought after. There are small festivals many weekends where local food and wine are highlighted. In my area, many people have their own vegetable gardens. This year, we started our garden and grew potatoes, beans, tomatoes, peppers, melons, potirons (squash) and carrots.

A Popular saying from there?

It is customary to greet people in your village with “Ça va?”, which means “How’s it going?”. When you are worried about something, people often say “Pas souci”, which means “Don’t worry”.

My lovely interviewee

My blog is Here. I’m an American who recently resettled in a beautiful village in the France. I love to take photographs and I love to bake! I started sharing my photos on my personal Facebook Page after I moved from the US to France last year. It was my way of staying connected to my friends and family in the US. People liked my photos, so I decided to increase the number of people I share them with. Most of my images are of nature or my cats. That’s because I live in a rural part of France and that is what I see around me, everywhere I look. I post a new photo every day. People are free to SHARE my photos with their friends and followers! The easiest way to share is from my Facebook page

Journaling Prompts

1…The French language is beautiful! Apart from the sayings here I have one that’s close to my heart! “La douleur exquise”. The exquisite pain… Think on a moment in your life where you have wanted something or someone so badly it hurt and write about that!

2…One of the most famous French monarchs was Marie Antionette! As a young woman she was brought to France and was quite unpopular during a time of revolution. Imagine your home made a monarchy and you are the head. What decisions do you think you would make that might risk your head?

Journal on,

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