I am a nerd for historic novels. This was a lot more than I thought it would be. It wasn’t just romantic it was educational about a period and place I hadn’t given much thought to. Of course I knew breaking from the church made Martin Luther a rebel but never did I realize the way it tore Europe..

The writing was beautiful and easy to follow. Some historical fiction throws concepts and words that are so confusing you have to research as you read. This was not that at all. It was easy to read and follow from page one to the end. The characters were slightly flat as it begins. There just was little depth to Kate and that made me a little disappointed. The story carried on well however, with the historic events churning the reader beyond them. Each announcement and ripple of events gossiped and brought to the town from miles away gave a picture of a religious world in tumult. The excitement and horror of change is so well described it’s endearing.

Although at times a pinch predictable it was a nice romantic read that anyone interested in history will appreciate and love. It was the right length to express the love story and the period of beginning change for the reformation.

I give this book 3 stars

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I received this book from books for bloggers in exchange for an honest and solid review.

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